Foundation For Allen Schools Funded Classroom Grants at

    Rountree Elementary




    2021-2022 Classroom Grants


    Rountree Rockstars!

    This grant under Counseling Curriculum was awarded to Paige Zettler and will benefit 50 students this coming year.

    Just like students need extra support to master academic skills, they also need extra support when it comes to mastering social skills. By participating in Roadrunner Rockstars, students will become equipped with the social skills need to improve social interactions and become the rockstar of their class.


    Building Early Language Skills

    This grant under Early Childhood Curriculum awarded to Ruby Dalton along with Courtney Marines, Elizabeth Hedary, and Lilliana Ascencio and will benefit 150 students this coming year.

    Let's Find Out will help prepare our Pre-K students for Kindergarten with alignments to the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines. This program will provide resources, such as a magazine and on-line connections that will address a wide range of school-readiness skills, including social and emotional development, early literacy foundation skills, math, science, and health and safety.


    As the book-page turns...

    This grant under English Language Arts (Elementary) & Dyslexia Curriculum awarded to Tanya Castillo along with Sara Johnson, and Halle Ulfsrud will benefit 120 students this coming year.

    It?s a page-turner of an investment in that seeing black is as simple as the words on a page and a red-letter day is to help develop successful readers!


     Find Your Hero

    This grant under English Language Arts (Elementary) & Dyslexia Curriculum was awarded to Rachelle Privett and will benefit 240 students this coming year.

    Thank you, Foundation for Allen Schools for supporting our 3-6 grade students. Reading the biographies that this grant provided has enabled us to learn about diverse people and cultures in a specific time period.


    Readers Are Leaders - Spanish Language Arts

    This grant under ESL/Bilingual Curriculum was awarded to Liliana Ascencio and will benefit 44 students this coming year.

    Rountree Elementary celebrates language diversity and guides students to value the benefits of bilingualism through the inclusion of resources in their native language. Rountree Elementary recognizes the importance of the students' cultural background and language for instruction by incorporating resources in their native language. Through the inclusion of resources in their native language, Rountree Elementary enhances students' achievements.


    Early Childhood Special Education Assessment Tools for Success!

    This grant under Special Education Curriculum was awarded to Holly Sanchez along with Karen Ruehlen, and Mariana Esparza will benefit 140 students this coming year at both Cheatham and Rountree Elementary.

    The Allen ISD ECSE Team is in need of testing kits to use for the annually administered VB- MAPP Assessment (Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program). These testing kits are critical to accurately measure our students? abilities and areas of growth, and set goals to ensure their progress. Having the same materials to use across all classrooms will help us to maintain consistency and accuracy when assessing each and every student.