Foundation For Allen Schools Funded Classroom Grants at

    Story Elementary




    2021-2022 Classroom Grants


    Story Falcons Increasing Social Emotional Learning

    This grant under Counseling Curriculum was awarded to Stacey Thomas and will benefit 451 students this coming year.

    Story Falcons Increasing Social Emotional Learning is a library of children's picture book resources for staff members, as well as the counselor, which offers social and emotional support for our Falcons. Allen ISD, along with Story Elementary, is continuing to focus on the importance of SEL and this helps put immediate resources at staff's fingertips. These books will also help incorporate our monthly district Character traits.


     In the Seat for Success

    This grant under Early Childhood Curriculum awarded to Georgie Alexander and will benefit 20 students this coming year.

    The purpose of this grant is to utilize the opportunity to engage students in active learning while giving them to autonomy and flexibility they need to be successful. Flexible seating gives students the chance to be responsible for choosing the seat that will help them be as successful as they can be.


    Story Summer Book Club

    This grant under English Language Arts (Elementary) & Dyslexia Curriculum was awarded to Christie Barrick and will benefit 35 students this coming year.

    The Summer Book Club will help provide students with high interest, self-selected quality literature to help keep them reading during the summer months. This book club will encourage them to read more at home as well as continuing to strengthen their reading skills.


     Sports Section Refresh

    This grant under Library/Makerspace Curriculum was awarded to Kimberly Richardson and will benefit 500 students this coming year.

    A Sports section refresh will be a welcome and much needed update to our aging library collection. Students will have access to the most current and relevant information from sports teams to athletes, or the mechanics and physics of the sport itself.


    Math Within Reach

    This grant under Math Elementary Curriculum was awarded to Shelby Mathews and will benefit 70 students this coming year.

    Math Within Reach will provide students with a student friendly, foundational resource that is engaging for both current and spiral review concepts in the flipped classroom model.