Foundation For Allen Schools Funded Classroom Grants at

    Vaughan Elementary




    2021-2022 Classroom Grants


    Journaling to a Better Me!

    This grant under Counseling Curriculum was awarded to Christina Fine along with Melissa Dreher and will benefit 50 students this coming year.

    "Journaling to a Better Me", will allow students the opportunity to build self confidence, self worth, and improve their success overall success in their educational journey.


    Success in Friendship

    This grant under Counseling Curriculum was awarded to Melissa Dreher and will benefit 730 students this coming year.

    The Path to Friendship Social Emotional Mat and the Operation Breaking the Boy/Girl Code Card Games are a great way to help students understand how to make and keep friends. In a world where so much of what we do is online, students are lacking the skills to make in-person friendships work. These tools will help students engage with one another and build these friendships.


    For Argument's Sake

    This grant under English Language Arts (Elementary) & Dyslexia Curriculum was awarded to Lindsay Domenico and will benefit 300 students this coming year.

    Nonfiction texts have the power to spark curiosity and provide students with the skills necessary for learning in all academic areas. With ?For Argument?s Sake?, students will benefit from reading nonfiction texts that cover global and ethical issues in a way that is appropriate for their age and reading levels. This will not only allow them to increase their comprehension on current global topics, but it will also help them build appropriate vocabulary and provide them with opportunities for authentic writing. When students have access to high-interest, non-fiction texts that cover global issues, it empowers them be advocates for our dynamic world.


    I See Me In Books!

    This grant under English Language Arts (Elementary) & Dyslexia Curriculum was awarded to Laura Nguyen and will benefit 44 students this coming year.

    Reading books that reflect different races and cultures is important as young children learn to accept and celebrate the differences in our world. Having a rich library of multicultural books where many countries and cultures are represented will encourage students to develop a strong sense of self at the same time that they are learning to be more inclusive of others.


    Powerful Mirrors: Literature that Reflects Our Diverse Community

    This grant under English Language Arts (Elementary) & Dyslexia Curriculum was awarded to Aimee Hilton along with Alison Smithwick and will benefit 700 students this coming year.

    The purchase of multicultural literature will provide students much-needed access to a diverse collection of stories written by diverse authors with diverse characters. This literature collection will encourage students to engage with a text as well as foster a positive self-identity when they can see themselves in the stories they read. These books will also support an understanding of global awareness as students can learn not only about themselves but about others around the world. A multicultural library ultimately builds school community and acceptance of others.


    Vaughan Library, Nonfiction

    This grant under Library/Makerspace Curriculum was awarded to Alison Smithwick and will benefit 700 students this coming year.

    In a thriving library, students utilize the nonfiction section for reading about areas of interest as well as researching topics related to the curriculum. Students and teachers LOVE new books. A current collection feeds the energy in the library and this impacts the culture of reading throughout the entire campus.


    Feel the Sound

    This grant under Special Education Curriculum was awarded to Kathleen O'Connor and will benefit 4 students this coming year.

    Touchphonics will allow students to make substantial growth in reading skills including but not limited to: phonemic awareness, decoding, and blending. The multisensory approach will grant students in the Resource 2 classroom a new way to approach phonics and build their understanding of the English language which will in turn open the door for progress in all other content areas.