Allen ISD Emergency Text Messaging

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    In the fall of 2021, Allen ISD introduced the SchoolMessenger Short Message Service (SMS) notification service to send important information to families through text messages. This option was implemented to enhance emergency communications already available through cellphone calls and email.

    Information on this page is a resource for parents and guardians to help in understanding the text messaging system and its role in rapidly providing critical information during emergency situations.

    Parents and guardians may opt-in to the text messaging service by simply texting “Y” or “Yes” to 67587. The service may be discontinued by replying “Stop” to a text message.

    If clarification to this information is needed, please contact the Allen ISD Communications Department at


  • Brief descriptions of words or terms used on this page.

    SMS – "Short Message Service" is a system that enables cell phone users to send and receive text messages

    Common Shortcode – A shortcode similar to a phone number. Typically shortcodes are five or six digits and can only be used to send or receive SMS messages. The word "common" refers to the ability of a single shortcode to work across all major wire carriers. Allen ISD's shortcode is 67587.

    Opt-in  Direct permission from a recipient that they are willing to receive SMS text messages. This must come in the form of a response text sent from the recipient’s wireless device using an opt-in keyword. For Allen ISD, the opt-in codes are "Y" or "Yes"

    Opt-out – Withdrawing permission from the recipient to send SMS text messages. This can be accomplished by texting "stop" to the district's short code number, 67587.


Emergency Text Message FAQ

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  • Will I be charged for the text messages?