‘About Mrs. Rothbauer’



    March 21

    Favorite Color

    Black, Dark Gray, Dark Blue

    Favorite Restaurant(s)

    Chuy's,  Campisis, BJ's, Torchy's Tacos

    Favorite Snack(s)

    Doritos, Pretzels, Beef Sticks, Dark Chocolate

    Favorite Soft Drink(s)

    Sonic  Diet Green Ice Tea with Peach

    Favorite Specialty Coffee/Tea

    Mocha Light Frappuccino/Latte

    Favorite Shopping Spot(s)

    Allen Premium Outlet Mall, Target, Macys

    Favorite Flower(s)

    Tropical Hibiscus

    Favorite Author

    James Patterson

    In my spare time I like to…

    Spend time with family/Grandson, Walk/Jog, Read, Sit by the Pool, Go to and/or Watch Cowboys, Mavericks, & Rangers Games, Explore Dallas, Try New Restaurants, Weekend Travel