About Science

  • Allen ISD develops lessons that allow the students to explore and experience science. We cultivate curiosity for the next generation of scientists. Science is the study of phenomena around us and is concerned with what can be tested. For something to be classified as science, it has to be testable. Science phenomena are everywhere so we believe learning science can occur anywhere. Students should explore and be taught science every day.

    Science instruction in Allen ISD is built around these beliefs.

    The curriculum in Allen ISD is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) which are the state standards for what students should know and be able to do.  To access the TEKS for each grade level and course, click on this link.


    Looking for Science Fair information? Click Here

    Due to the Inclement Weather Forecast, the 2023 Regional Elementary Science Fair is Canceled.


Contact Science

  • 612 E. Bethany Drive • Allen, TX 75002
    972-727-0511 phone
    972-727-0434 fax

    Jason Baughman
    Coordinator of Science, Health, and Physical Education

    Cynthia O'Neill
    District Instructional Specialist, Science

    Meghan Wish
    District Instructional Specialist, Science

    Sandy Birge
    Administrative Assistant, Math/Science/Health & PE