• Withdrawn Student Transcript Request Instructions

    To make a transcript request, please follow the instructions listed below.

    Students that have withdrawn from Allen High School can request their AHS transcript through Parchment. 

    • When in Parchment, the former student is the 'learner.' The 'learner' must be the one making the transcript request.
    • The 'learner' must provide the full legal name used at the time of attendance at AHS (please do not use your married name).
    • If the 'learner' is 18 years or older, the 'learner' will be required to submit their electronic signature. The transcript request cannot be fulfilled if the 'learner' name does not match the electronic signature.
    • If you are under 18 years of age, a parent/legal guardian's signature is required.
    • Please verify that the information the 'learner' submits to Parchment is correct (ex: verify date of birth, withdrawn year, spelling of full legal name used at the time of attendance at AHS, etc.) and include your contact information (email or phone number).
    • Failure to follow the above instructions accurately will result in a delay or cancellation of your transcript request.


     There are no refunds for transcripts once they have been processed and sent.  


    *Please allow 7-10 business days to process your order. 

    *An email will be sent to you once your transcript request has been processed. 

    For questions or assistance, please contact the Transcript Clerk.

    ahs.transcripts@allenisd.org or (972) 727 - 0400