• Course Selection Overview

    Courses for the following year are selected during the Fall course selection window.

    • Students will be guided in the course selection process through class meetings and posted resources.

    • Students who do not submit their course selection through Skyward will have a schedule arranged for them by their counselor according to their academic needs and/or graduation plan.

    • Parents and students are strongly encouraged to utilize the on-line Academic Planning Guide and Course Catalog to assist in making informed choices for the upcoming school year.

    • It is imperative for students and parents to review course selections once course selection is finalized prior to Arena Scheduling. 

      • Staffing needs are dependent upon the integrity of the student selection process and why selections are finalized after review by counselors prior to Arena Scheduling. 
        • Course availability is based on enrollment numbers and/or teacher availability.
        • Teachers and staff are hired and the master schedule is set according to student selections.
      • Once course selections have been finalized with counselors, students will only move to an alternate if a schedule cannot be completed during Arena with the current course or if they are not selected for a tryout or application based course.
      • Students who select a Practicum course will not be able to request a change after course selections are finalized regardless of where it falls in the master schedule.
      • Students will be able to view an unofficial master schedule via the Arena Scheduling Phone App created by Computer Science students prior to Arena Scheduling.
      • Unofficial schedules for the new school year will be available before students leave for summer break in Skyward Student Access.  Official schedules will be available for students to view  prior to school starting.


    All AISD students must be enrolled as a full-time student to meet the state daily attendance requirement.

    • Freshmen are required to enroll in eight (8) periods per semester, with one period being a local credit, l Freshman Connections.  
    • Due to class size, course availability, and various academic supports in place for sophomores, juniors and seniors, students will enroll in a maximum of seven (7) class periods per semester.  
    • Privilege periods are not guaranteed and are allowed when students are successful in their current courses and are in good standing with regard to credits for graduation and discipline.


  • Course selection for the 2023-2024 school year opens 12/1 and closes 12/9.

    These are the dates for incoming 10th-12th.