Bilingual Education - Dual Language One-Way Program

  • Allen ISD offers a One-Way Dual Language program in Pre-K through 6th grade for eligible Spanish-speaking students. Dual Language Pre-K classes are offered at Rountree Elementary, while Kindergarten-6th grade classes are offered at Boyd Elementary. Transportation is provided to any eligible Dual Language Kindergarten-6th grade student who resides outside Boyd Elementary's attendance zone.


About Dual Language

  • Dual language is a research-based program model used worldwide to foster language and literacy development. It has recently been recommended by TEA as the most successful bilingual model showing high academic achievement through the development of bilingualism, biliteracy, and socio-cultural competence among all participating students. Dual language is an enrichment program that provides content instruction in both English and Spanish.


Program Information & Benefits

  • Purpose of the Bilingual Education- Dual Language One-Way Program

  • Bilingual Education Program Benefits

Allen ISD Dual Language Goals

    • Development of bilingualism & bi-literacy
    • Grade-Level Academic Performance
    • Sociocultural Competence