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    Class of 2028

    Course Selection Information for the 22-23 School Year

     What an exciting time of year for our future Huskies!  This website will contain all information needed for course selection.  Please see below as well as the tabs on the left side of the page for information.


    Elementary Presentations for Students

    First, the students will watch a preview video with their elementary counselor.  The middle school counselors will then visit in person on the following dates. 

    Boyd- Feb. 9th - 7:55AM 

    Boon- Feb. 9th - 1:10PM

    Evans- Feb. 8th - 8:00AM

    Green - Feb. 11th - 8:10AM

    Kerr - Feb. 9th - 10:00AM

    Norton- Feb 10th - 9:30AM

    Vaughn- Feb. 7th - 8:45AM



    Parent Presentation

    Please see the link to the left for the presentation.

    ****To meet with the counselor please click the link to the left "Virtual Q&A Parent Sessions"