• Class of 2022

    AHS Students Awarded $182,450 in Locally Funded Scholarships!

    At our 2022 Scholarship Reception in April, the Foundation awarded 178 scholarships totalling $182,450 to Allen High School seniors. This brings the total amount of student scholarships awarded to date by the Foundation to $1.4 million in locally funded scholarships!


    School Organization Sponsored Scholarships 

    Allen Band Booster Association Scholarship – $500 each

    Recipients:  Aiden Benson, Ani Hakimian, Olivia McGary, Katherine Usher and  Avery Watts








    Allen ISD Council of PTAs Scholarship – $1,000 each

    Recipients: Grace Farris, Reese Forester, Emma Foster, Alaina Kenely, Brandon Martin, Parker Meierhoff, Alex Motion, Victor Nguyen, Ryan Paredes and Megha Reddy














    Bolin Elementary PTA Scholarship – $1,000 each

    Recipients:  Lillian Arnold and Kayla Manio (not pictured)








    Ford Middle School Scholarship – $500

    Recipient:  Rajshree Ganesh (not pictured)


    Lindsey Elementary School Ted M. Murphy Memorial Scholarship – $1,000

    Recipient:  Mahek Jani








    Mary Evans Elementary School PTA Scholarship – $1,000 each 

    Recipients:  Arianna Cepeda and Dheeptha Kadiam








    Olson Elementary School Academic Award Scholarship – $1,000 each

    Recipients:  Connor Carrera and Cody Rushing








    Reed Elementary PTA Scholarship – $1,000

    Recipient:  Salomae Mulder








    Rountree Elementary PTA Scholarship – $1,000

    Recipient:  Emmerie Smith (not pictured)


    Student Nutrition Allen Chapter Culinary Arts Scholarship - $1,500 each

    Recipients:  Kinsey Brandon and Ashley Gray







    Family and Individual Sponsored Scholarships

    Allen Family AGGIE Scholarship – $1,000

    Recipient:  James Pottala








    Don and Robin Screen Scholarship – $1,000

    Recipient:  Aiman Hasan








    Dr. Jenny Preston Future Teacher Scholarship – $1,500

    Recipient:  Nevaeh Good








    Feng Family Scholarship – $500 each

    Recipients:  William (Noah) Chin and Janice Leung (not pictured)








    Fund 6203 Scholarship – $1,000
    Recipient:  Jacob Groves








    Hartsell Family Scholarship – $500
    Recipient:  Sean Sudalaimani








    Matthew Bruno Scholarship – $1,500
    Recipient:  Safwan Islam








    McKee Family Scholarship – $5,000

    Recipient:  Alicia Gordon








    Mehta Family Scholarship – $1,000 each

    Recipients:  Adam Herring and Vishnu Nambiar








    Merrick Family Scholarship – $1,000 each

    Recipients:  Jamie Gross and Meghna Paul








    Morrow-Smith Scholarship – $1,000 each

    Recipients:  Amisha Baidya and Vishranth Ramaswamy






    Pogue Family Scholarship – $1,000 each

    Recipients:  Jack Beeks, Lauren Christian, Ali Khan, Caleb Lee, Hailey Moore, Ryan Squire, Karter Stanton, Samantha Swartzbaugh, Emma Vett and Jenna Young








    Simkins Family Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Recipients:  Mary Christenson and Abby Eskew 








    Memorial Scholarships

    Alex P. Underwood, Jr. Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

    Recipient:  Sydni Mitchell

    Laura J. Underwood Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

    Recipient:  Chloe Noone



    Angela Marie Guest Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 each 

    Recipients:  Michaela Cherian, Nicolette Marr and Olivia Zhang




    Angie Brown Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

    Recipient:  Tala Deir (not pictured)


    Anthony & Eric Vita Memorial Scholarship – $2,000

    Recipient:  Saniya Pendharkar


    Betty Timbs Memorial Scholarship – $500 each
    Recipients:  Temiloluwa Banwo and Jeani Fan

    Bolin Family Nursing Scholarship – $1,000

    Recipient:  Rylie Sisengrath


    Brooke Cherry Memorial Scholarship – $1,000

    Recipient:  Tariq Mahamid








    Carolyn Kerr Memorial Scholarship – $1,000
    Recipient:  Sarah Parker

    Connie M. Buntley Memorial Scholarship – $1,000

    Recipient:  Li (Frank) Fan


    Dr. Gary E. Hefner Memorial Scholarship – $1,000

    Recipient:  William (Luke) Voorhies



    Emily Stambaugh Memorial Scholarship – $500

    Recipient:  Isabella Jensen


    Erin Valenta Memorial Scholarship given by Allen Band Booster Association – $500 each

    Recipients:  Landen Gee, Kaitlyn McKneely, Riley Oestreich and Jaylee Williams


    Fred Hansen Memorial STEM Scholarship for Women – $1,500 

    Recipient:  Nidhi Pabbathi


    Fulk Family Scholarship, given in memory of Nancy Athy Roberts and James Alan Buck – $1,000

    Recipient:  Suyin (Tae) Woo


    Fulk Family Scholarship for Engineering, given in memory of Thomas Francis Roberts and Ruby May Fulk – $1,000

    Recipient:  Diego Morales


    Gayle Boon Memorial Scholarship – $2,500

    Recipient:  Kaylee Erwin








    Jacob Scudder Memorial Scholarship – $500

    Recipient:  Nicholas Bargains








    John Art Memorial Scholarship – $1,000

    Recipient:  Nicole Vogler

    Kathy Daley Memorial Scholarship – $500

    Recipient:  Katie McDonald


    Kyle Murray Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 each

    Recipients:  Melanie Schwartz and Brenna Zerby


    Mac and Sheila Curtis Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

    Recipient:  Reese Kuester

    Nancy Ann Lakvold Memorial Scholarship – $1,000

    Recipient:  Sonia Dayal








    Preston Cooper James Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 each

    Recipients: Devika Amalkar, Ben Farris and Hannah Hastings


    Rodenbaugh Family Scholarship – $1,500 each

    Recipients:  Mason Bowman and Addyson Wright


    Roger & Ella Jo Adams Scholarship to Texas A&M– $1,000

    Recipient:  Evan Geffroy



    Ruby Nelle and Jiggs Barfield Memorial Scholarship – $1,500

    Recipient:  Alison Goridkov


    Scott Limpert Memorial Scholarship – $500 each

     Recipients:  Jack Goode and Mallory Russell



    Sharla Adams Memorial Scholarship – $1,250 

    Recipient:  Natalie Tang


    Spencer Squire Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Recipients:  Mary (Mae) Cole, Grace Droge and Evyn Gadd

    Tyler L. Washington Memorial Scholarship – $1,000

    Recipient:  Laiba Hassan (not pictured)


    Zach Hoefler Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 each

    Recipients:  Katherine Goode, Matthew Park and Ethan Smith



    Community Organization Sponsored Scholarships

    Allen Americans Red Lamp Foudation Scholarship – $1,000 each

    Recipients: Brynn Burchfield and Caden Garcia








    Allen Arts Alliance Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Recipient: Susie Lee







    Allen Eagle Nation Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Recipients: Sydney Gross, Christina Huseth, Carson Meyers and Blake Vaughan








    Allen Garden Club Helen M. Logan Scholarship – $1,000 
    Recipient: Elliana Tolman








    Allen Retired Educators Association Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Recipients: Natasha Sajan and Arohi Verma








    ANTORIK BOGD. Scholarship – $1,000
    Recipient: Lindsay McClaskey








    Dawn of the Light Scholarship – $500
    Recipient: Sharon Basepogu








    EN AVANT Club Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Recipients: Mina Kimble and Lucy Yang








    Keep Allen Beautiful - Mardy & Lisa Brown Memorial Scholarship - $500
    Recipients: Sophia Swift and Hannah Xiao








    Rotary Club of Allen Scholarships 

    Rotary Club of Allen Scholarship – $500 each
    Recipients: Claudia Bieniek, Tate Christiansen, Annie Dridge, Erin Dridge, Sophia Sanders and Daniel Suh

    Dr. Steve Burch Memorial Scholarship – $500
    Recipient: Kaylyn Lau








    Sunrise Rotary Club Scholarships 

    Sunrise Rotary Club Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Recipients: Ana Cruz, Ishani Pain, Jahnvi Raj and Jason Shetty

    John Sprague Memorial Scholarship – $1,000
    Recipient: Raya Jishi

    Rev. Kathleen Baskin-Ball Memorial Scholarship – $1,000
    Recipient: Tariq Ahmed








    David Noll Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

    Recipient: Samatha Gott


    Corporate Sponsored Scholarships

    717 Media Group Scholarship for Advertising, Marketing and Journalism
    Recipient: Nicholas Franks







    ABM Foundation Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Recipient: Beatriz Bettencourt and Akshat Shah







    CoServ Charitable Foundation Scholarship – $1,000
    Recipient: Abby Hunsaker







    Credit Union of Texas Empowerment Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Recipients: Giana Abraham, Wengel Alemayehu, Claudia Rivera Guevarez, MinhKhang Nguyen and Emily Shepard







    CyrusOne Leadership and STEM Achievement Scholarship – $1,500 each
    Recipient: Jenny Wei (not pictured)

    Dawson Private Wealth Higher Education Scholarship – $5,000 each
    Recipients: Symone Mitchell and David Odida





    Hellas Construction Inc. Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Recipients: Ashlin Armijo, Megan Conway, Amy Jao and Emerald Zhang







    Linebarger Law Firm Scholarship – $1,500
    Recipient: Mihir Gokhale







    Lone Star Kids Care Scholarship – $500 each

    Recipients:  Alex Kretzschmar and Kaitlyn Sy








    Medical City of McKinney Volunteer Auxiliary Scholarship - $1,000

    Recipient:  Shreyas Chandra








    Sewell Automotive Companies Scholarship for Excellence in Fine Arts - $1,500

    Recipient:  Kaylie Roach








    Two Rows Scholarship by the Brooks Family - $1,000
    Recipient:  Lauryn Bender







    Veritex Community Bank Scholarship – $1,000 each 
    Recipients:  Jeevan Arianayagan and Sara Lynn Olsen






    Foundation For Allen Schools Sponsored Scholarships

    Foundation For Allen Schools Scholarship in Honor of Pam Toups  – $1,200
    Recipient: Tyler Hammons








    Foundation For Allen Schools Scholarship – $1,000 each

    Recipients: Khushboo Amarnani, Gabriella Arsenault, Catherine Begun, Lori Bryan, Caleb Chacon, Jay Deshpande, Abby Fair, Sophia Goedderz,Thomas Hakimian, Kyle Hargrove, Kendall Hsing, Emma Janek, Rohan Kalyanpura, Sidrah Khan, Avery Larsen, Brennan Martin, Ryan Mitchell, Jackson Newville, Mathew Rios, Anish Saravanan, Joanna Varghese, and  Sofia Walker