• Appendix II: Responsible Use Policy

    The Allen Independent School District strongly believes in the educational value of electronic
    services and recognizes their potential to support its curriculum and student learning by
    facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication. By deploying filtering and
    monitoring systems and providing devices for students, AISD will make every effort to protect
    students and teachers from any misuses or abuses as a result of their experience with an
    information service. This places AISD in compliance with CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection
    Act). Your and your child’s signatures will indicate acknowledgment and understanding of the
    standards specified in this Responsible Use Policy document. These standards have been
    cross-referenced with other sections of the AISD Student Code of Conduct and Student
    Handbook to provide information to students and families regarding possible violations and
    consequences. These references are not an exhaustive list.

    Please refer to other sections of the AISD Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook for additional information for
    violating these standards. As a user of this service, your child will be expected to abide by the
    following generally accepted rules of network etiquette. Violating the terms and expectations
    of this responsible use policy could result in disciplinary action.

    Examples of Appropriate and Responsible Use:

    • Utilizing district-issued technology ethically and for educational purposes.

    • Being personally responsible for the care of all devices and materials assigned to you.

    • Taking care of your device by not having food or drink near devices, not allowing others
    to borrow it, and handling the device properly following device care guidelines.

    • Signing in and using your own Allen ISD student credentials for all things related to

    • Staying safe and secure while online by not sharing passwords or any other personal
    identifying information online or meeting someone online without parental permission.

    • Reporting any password, account breach or security concern immediately to campus
    personnel quickly and confidentially.

    • Treating the online environment as an extension of learning by following all student code
    of conduct and teacher expectations.

    • Being respectful and kind by creating a positive learning environment for all.
    • Asking for consent before taking photos and videos of other students and staff.

    • Reporting inappropriate, dangerous, threatening, messages or other communications
    that make users feel uncomfortable.

    • Opening, working, viewing, modifying or deleting their own files.

    • Opening, working, viewing, modifying or deleting collaborative documents and files only
    when authorized to do so by peers or educators.

    • Taking necessary cyber security precautions and remaining vigilant of malicious online
    communications or threats to report them swiftly.

    • Following all copyright and fair use guidelines.

    • Being a good digital citizen.

    Examples of Inappropriate use:

    • Vandalizing and/or theft including data manipulation.

    • Using school equipment or networks to access or distribute material that is inappropriate
    content such as derogatory comments, vulgar or offensive language, drugs, gang related
    symbols, material that is profane or obscene (pornography), advocates violence or
    discrimination toward other people, advocate or participate in illegal activities.

     • Using inappropriate language, sexting, sending or accessing pornographic content,
    sending or accessing sexually inappropriate images, content, or materials, or receiving
    such materials without notifying an Allen ISD employee or a parent or guardian.

    • Disrupting the learning environment.

    • Using school property and networks to maliciously hack, illegally download, disable
    monitoring systems, tamper or bypass school networks and filters.

    • Violating Terms of Service.

    • Emailing or messaging staff of students in a way that could be considered “spam” or
    unsolicited communication.

    • Utilizing VPNs, proxies or other technologies to bypass school networks.

    • Altering policies or hardware to by-pass network and connectivity protocols.

    • Impersonating others or borrowing another student’s device or account information.

    • Using school property and/or systems for commercial use or for profit.

    • Engaging in plagiarism or academic dishonesty including cheating, copying the work of
    others, or in unauthorized collaboration with another person in preparing an assignment.

    • Sharing your device and/or usernames and passwords with others.

    • Deleting files that you did not personally create or do not recognize from your laptop.

    • Participating in or encouraging others to partake in cyberbullying.

    Students 13 or younger

    For students under the age of 13 the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires
    additional parental permission for education software tools. Some of these tools may require the
    creation of an account for the student. Parents wishing to deny access to these educational
    tools must do so in writing to the campus principal.

    The district may charge a device fee for the implementation of the Empower 1:1 program. This
    device fee will be paid annually and will cover the purchase of unintentional damage insurance
    policy for student mobile devices. Device fees may be subject to sliding scales or paid in
    installments if financially necessary.

    Students/Parents will be held responsible for damage to student devices not covered by
    warranties or insurance (i.e. intentional damage, theft, loss, etc).

    Student Accounts

    By signing this document you grant Allen ISD permission to create student accounts for your
    student (Microsoft Office 365 for Education, Google Workspace, and other various educational
    applications approved by Allen ISD). While students are using district accounts and equipment,
    Allen ISD reserves the right to restrict access at any time.

    I have read the District’s Guidelines for Responsible Use of Allen Independent School District
    Technology Resources, and this agreement form. By signing this document, I am allowing my
    student to use Allen ISD equipment, technology, devices, and services including the Allen ISD
    wired and wireless networks, and understand district devices filtering and monitoring are
    routinely enforced regardless of what network is being utilized to access the internet on the
    district issued device. My student and I agree to follow this policy in its entirety.

     *taken from 

    Allen Independent School District Student Handbook for School Year 2021-2022

    Page 102 of 119


Last Modified on April 30, 2022