• Welcome to IB Biology SL!

    2022-2023 School Year 

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    I am glad you have chosen to participate in SL Biology.  During this course, you'll develop and hone your skills as a scientist by practicing scientific thinking, planning and designing experiments.  You'll also learn to connect what you learn in this course with what you'll be learning in other IB courses to see how everything is truly interconnected.

    It is my hope that you will come to learn several things in our course: 

    • How science and its methods have been instrumental in advancing human knowledge and understanding of how life works
    • How topics in biology are interconnected with one another 
    • How scientific thinking can provide a unique perspective on the world and lead you to solve problems 
    • How science has been used to both help and harm the human condition, the Earth, and the life on it 
    • How you can use your understanding of biology to solve problems and improve the environment 

    I also hope that you come to learn to love learning, to appreciate solving problems using scientific methods and processes, and to appreciate the importance that biology and its lessons have in your life. 


    Supplies you will need to have on the second day of class include: 

    • A 2" three-ring binder, with 8 dividers
    • A quad-ruled (graph paper) composition notebook (not a spiral bound notebook).  This will be used as your lab notebook.  If you cannot find one, I will have a limited supply available for you to purchase. Just ask. Here is a graphic to help guide you as you shop for what you will need:  
      Notebook types to use in class, and what not to use
    • Highlighters of various colours
    • Pens in multiple colours for colour-coding and annotating handouts that you receive. 
    • Pencils (mechanical pencils are okay)
    • A box of Kleenex 

    I look forward to meeting you all soon, and working with you this year!

    Mrs. Ferguson 



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