• Welcome to the wonderful world of number grades! The grading system in 2nd grade is significantly different from the system used in Kindergarten and 1st grade. Please sit down with your child and explain the grading system to them, as well as your expectations concerning them. We use only the numeric value, but so you know what each numeric value is, the grading system is as follows: 

    90 - 100: A 

    80 - 89: B 

    70 - 79: C 

    69 or below: F 

    Grades will be updated weekly in Skyward and graded papers, when able, will be sent home weekly. Please take some time to look over and reflect on your child’s work together. 

    Assignments that receive a grade below a 70 will be returned to the student for corrections (after a re-teaching session has occurred). When work is corrected, a 70 is the highest grade attainable and will replace the previous grade. These corrections will be made in class. Our goal is to ensure success for your child. 

    Report Cards: Report cards will be viewable on Skyward Family Access each nine weeks. There will be no paper copies of report cards sent home. We will notify you when report cards are posted so you are able to login to Skyward Family Access and review your child’s report card.