• Cheatham Elementary Dismissal Procedures


    Car Tags: 

    • We utilize a car tag system for student dismissal to increase the safety and security of our students.  Every Cheatham family will be issued a car tag number. A family that has multiple children at Cheatham, every student within that family will have the same car tag number

    • Students will be given a backpack tag with their car tag number printed on it. Backpack tags must remain on each students’ backpack all year.

    • Parents will receive 2 car tags matching your child(ren)’s number.    

    • A car tag must be present for all car riders and parent pick-up zones as they will be checked against the student’s backpack tag to ensure the numbers match. If no car tag is present, the parent will need to go to the front office to show identification to check their child out.  Parents in a carpool line will need to park in the parking lot before entering the front door of the building

    • If you lose your car tag, please contact your child’s teacher.

Dismissal Map