• Spring 2023 Advanced/AP/IB Level Change Requests


    The following information is verbatim from the AHS Academic Planning Guide. Graduation Class Academic Planning Guides can be found here.

    Students in advanced courses (Advanced/AP/IB) may request a level change from an advanced course to an on-level course to be reflected in the Spring Semester. Not all advanced courses have an opportunity to level. Enrollment in some courses is binding for the entire semester for a semester course of school for a year-long course. Students may not request a level change from these courses. Students may not drop a class for a privilege period. Courses that are not available for level change can be found in the AHS Academic Planning Guide as well as below:

    As a reminder, in the Academic Planning Guide these courses are not listed on the forms as options for level changes:

    • IB Chinese SL
    • AP French IV 
    • IB French SL or HL 
    • IB German SL
    • AP Spanish IV
    • AP Spanish IV Native Speaker
    • IB Spanish SL or HL 
    • AP European History 
    • AP Art History
    • AP Chemistry (available for Level Change for Spring 2023)
    • AP Biology (available for Level Change for Spring 2023)
    • AP Physics C
    • AP Physics 2
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Pathophysiology
    • Advanced Journalism Editors II, III
    • Instructional Practices - class of 2025+
    • Animation II - class of 2025+
    • Graphic Design and Illustration II - class of 2025+
    • Engineering Design & Presentation I, II 
    • Audio/Video Production II - class of 2025+
    • Commercial Photography II - class of 2025+
    • Evolving/Emerging Technologies - Esports II, III - coming 2023
    • Computer Science I, II, III 
    • Computer Maintenance - class of 23 and 24
    • Networking/ Networking Lab 
    • Computer Technician Practicum I, II
    • Principles of Health Science - class of 23 and 24
    • Robotics I, II - class of 2025+
    • Interior Design II - class of 2025+Ss
    • Culinary Arts - class of 2025+
    • Hospitality Services - class of 2025+
    • Veterinary Medical Applications
    • Practicum in Manufacturing Robotics 
    • Practicum in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
    • Practicum of Health Science
    • Practicum in AG - Veterinary Medicine 
    • Practicum in AG - Floral Design I, II - class of 2025+
    • Practicum in AG - Ag Mechanics - class of 2025+
    • Practicum in Interior Design - class of 2025+
    • Practicum in Animation - class of 2025+
    • Practicum in Graphic Design & Illustration - class of 2025+
    • Practicum in A/V Production II - class of 2025+
    • Practicum in Commercial Photography - class of 2025+
    • Practicum in Business Management I, II - class of 2025+
    • Practicum in Business Financial Services - class of 2025+
    • Practicum in Business - Medical Office - class of 2025+
    • Practicum in Culinary Arts I, II - class of 2025+
    • Practicum in Hospitality Services I, II - class of 2025+
    • Practicum in Education & Training - class of 2025+
    • Practicum in Law Enforcement I, II - class of 2025+

    Students who request a Spring 2023 Level Change will be moved into the new class for the Spring 2023 3rd Quarter. Students will start their new class on the first day of the Spring Semester, January 4, 2023.

    For a level change request to be considered, the following must be in evidence: 

    • Space is available in the new class
    • Level Change Request Form has been completed by the student and received in the Advanced Academics Coordinator's office by the deadline (note: The Level Change Request Form is a digital, Google Form, that must be filled out by the student using their Allen ISD student account. This a FIRM deadline. The Form will automatically close at the time of the deadline) 
    • Student has 
      • conferenced with his/her teacher;
      • participated in tutorials and/or intervention sessions; and
      • given his or her best effort and is not successful (missing assignments and/or not taking advantage of opportunities to redo assignments or retake tests and quizzes is not considered best effort). 
    • Requests for same level moves will not be considered, such as a move from Advanced/GT to Advanced or a move from IB to AP or vice versa.


    • If a student changes academic levels, the grade earned in the current advanced course follows the student to the new course. 
    • Weighted grade points are awarded at the end of the semester. To receive receive weighted GPA students must: 
      • maintain a semester average of 70 or above, AND 
      • remain in the weighted GPA class for the entire semester


    • If you are an LFC student who is taking an Advanced course at AHS, the LFC Level Change dates are different. Please follow the AHS Level Change dates and deadlines. For questions regarding LFC Level Change, please contact Brian Bentley at brian.bentley@allenisd.org.


    Level Change Request Form Opens: November 4, 2022 at 5pm

    Level Change Request Form Closes: November 11, 2022 at 5pm

    Level Change Decisions: Week of December 1, 2022 

    Approved Level Changes New Class  Start Date: January 4, 2023

    The AP/IB/Advanced Level Change Forms will be found in the PDF attached to the email that will go home to families from noreply@allenisd.org. Please be sure to view the attachment and select the correct form to fill out for the course that you are requesting to level down.


    • If you request a Fall Level Change and you are approved, you will be refunded for your exam payment. 
    • If you request a Spring Level Change at the end of the Fall Semester and you are approved, you will receive a partial refund depending on the amount paid during the Registration window. The College Board charges $40 when a student drops the course and Exam.