• BEST and VEX Robotics clubs are two different after-school programs that Ereckson Middle offers students willing to learn and challenge themselves by working with groups of students to accomplish one task or challenge.


    BEST Robotics can support upto 30 students, while VEX Robotics can support upto 24 students.


    BEST Robotics uses a VEX Cortex Processor which is also used in part by the VEX Robotics club.


    BEST Robotics' season lasts from September through November (and possibly December).

    VEX Robotics' season starts in April of 2023 and lasts until April of 2024 (although our club normally ends in February).


    BEST Robotics uses common everyday materials from Home Depot or Lowe's to construct their robot.

    VEX Robotics uses two types of platforms in their club.  VEX VRC uses metal components that need to be cut and custom fitted, while VEX IQ uses pre-fabricated plastic pieces that snap together.


    BEST does not require a fee to participate but does have student participant limits determined by the available club committees.

    VEX Robotics collects a $50 fee for parts, equipment, event fees, and other supplies that can only be purchased through VEXROBOTICS.COM and ROBOTEVENTS.COM. 


    More information can be obtained by reading the Google Slide presentation available HERE.