• Ereckson Boys Athletics 2021-2022

    Athletics Policies
    • The documents to register for Ereckson atheltics are available at Rankonesports.com
    • Please follow the instructions on this attachment to complete the registration for your athlete Rankonesports Instructions.  You will need your student's school ID # to complete the process.


    • Ereckson Boys Athletics Schedules for Football, Basketball, Track and Cross Country: Click HERE



    • The Texas University Interscholastic League has some useful information on its website I would like for you to visit.  There are manuals online about sportsmanship, parents of junior high athletes and junior high coaches.  Follow this link to the website. http://www.uil.utexas.edu/athletics/manuals
    The Ereckson Huskies 7th and 8th Grade Football Teams will play all of it's 2021 home football games at Ereckson Stadium at Thomas Hugh Ereckson Middle School, the address for the stadium and campus is 450 Tatum Dr, TX 75013.  The stadium is on the south side of the Ereckson campus.
    • Ereckson Huskies Football Season Schedule 2021 Click HERE


    •  The first game of the 2021 season the Ereckson Huskies Football Teams will play the ... Wolves from Rockwall Utley Middle School, September 7.  The EMS 7th grade will play at home and the EMS 8th grade will travel to Rockwall!  Go Huskies!



    Email  Email:  this is the best way to communicate with Coach Flowers or any of the other coaches.  Emails regarding games and practice changes will be sent out through the Skyward system to let parents know immediately about changing situations regarding weather.
    *Some things to keep in mind while attending games this season:
    1. Remember these are children, encourage them.
    2. Encourage them to stay in good condition (rest, diet, hygiene, healthy habits).
    3. Don't put too much pressure on your child. 
    4. Support the coaches.
    5. Think in human terms, coaches are human, players are human, officials are human...treat them as such.
    6. At a game you are getting a snapshot of what we have been working on in practice, be patient, try to see the big picture.
    7. Keep in mind that athletic scholarships are rare.  Only 2% of all high school athletics get scholarships.  There are over 1,200 high schools in Texas.  There are only 300 Division I colleges.  Your son has a better chance of getting an academic scholarship.
    8. We love your children and we love your support.  We don't make a great deal of money doing what we do, but we are professionals.  We work 70-80 hours each week for your children.  Save your criticism.  We will do the best we can.
    *Taken from a letter written to parents from the UIL Director of Athletics, Charles Breithaupt.