•  2021-2022 Teen Leadership
    My classroom is in C hall, upstairs.  I think the classroom I am in will give us a lot of room for activities. Room C213
    Course Description
    Teen Leadership is a program in which students develop leadership, personal and business skills.  Students learn to develop a healthy self-concept, healthy relationships, and learn to understand the concept of personal responsibility.  Teens will create an appreciation of
    Emotional Intelligence and the skills it measures, which include self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, and social skills.  Students will develop skills in public speaking and understanding of personal image.  Students in class will develop an understanding of the concept of principle-based decision-making and develop their own values.  Leadership Teens will develop an understanding of the effects of peer pressure and will develop skills to counteract those effects.  They will develop an understanding of the principles of parenting, enabling them to become better family members and citizens.  They will also cultivate an understanding of the need for vision in goal-setting, personally and professionally.
    Class Materials
    Just basic needs really.  There is not a Teen Leadership book the students are responsible for having, materials will be provided for most classroom activities. 
    You will need a pen or pencil most days and be prepared with paper of your own to complete assignments.  Students may want to bring their own markers or flash drive, but other than that we will pretty much have everything provided.
    Maybe the most important thing to bring to Teen Leadership everyday is a positive attitude.  Having that will take you a long way in this class and anywhere else you seek success.