• Library Policies and Procedures
    Students may come to the library individually with a pass, with a class for book checkout, research or to use a computer/ipad.
    Please remember to bring your ID with you in order to check out books. You can not check out books with a temporary ID.
    CIRCULATION: Checkout Limits - up to 2 books, for 3 weeks. If you are not finished with your book, we will allow you to renew it as long as no one else has reserved it. English novels for class will not count toward your 2 books, and they are due after you are finished with them in class.
    OVERDUE FINES: 10 cents per day late, with 2 day grace period (free days). No fine is charged on the days that the students are not in school--holidays, teacher in-service and weekends. 
    NOTICES: Notices for fines and overdue books are e-mailed daily when items become due. Notices will also be distributed to the students through English teachers on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    Please, please, please turn your books in on time! We don't like to charge fines or hunt your down for late books. If you are not finished with a book that you are reading, please stop by and let us know and we will be happy to renew it for you. If you are absent when your book is due please let us know when you come back to school. You are always welcome to email us too!
    LOST/DAMAGED BOOKS: If a book is lost, the replacement cost is paid by the person to whom the book is checked out to. A fee is charged for books damaged while checked out. The fee depends on the amount of damage. So, treat your books with care! In the case that a lost book has been paid for and later found, the replacement fee minus the late charge will be returned to the student. Refunds will only be given if the book is found before September of the following year.
    If you think you might have lost a book, please let us know. We will mark it as lost, and ask you to keep looking for it. If, however, the book is not found within a reasonable amount of time, you will need to pay for a replacement. 
    The library is open for you convenience before and after school. You may also visit us any time with your teacher's permission, as long as you have a pass.
    We can not write tardy passes for checking books out during passing periods, so please be aware of your time. 
     We love to see you! Stop by for a visit!