• Cougar Tennis

    Thank you for your interest in the middle school tennis team. As educators, coaches and parents we know the importance of developing basic fundamental tennis skills as well as the applications of these skills. Thus, we are excited about the opportunities this lifetime sport will provide. As a developmental part of the Allen tennis program, this competition sport will prepare your child for the responsibilities of being a “student – athlete.”

    The tryout process evaluates players on their present ability and knowledge of tennis rules, skill evaluation, and the basic rules of tennis. Each player on the team must have a student athletic physical packet on file with the coach and a personal racket.

    Each student – athlete will focus on establishing and strengthening a strong academic and positive behavioral foundation. First and foremost, team members will always be expected to put academics first. Each student will be responsible for maintaining a passing grade (70) in all classes. Personal behavior will be a two-fold expectation: being a student in good standing with classroom teachers and coaches and being a school representative to the student body and the community at large. A player in good behavioral and academic standing with all teachers and coaches will have the opportunity to participate in off campus practices. Thus, the all-round success of each student will be a result of a positive attitude and effort to excel.

    The season will give players the opportunity to strengthen techniques, etiquette/rules and competition. There will be off campus practices, team conditioning and tournaments to meet these goals.  

    Parents, all of the above expectations will only make your student stronger and accountable for his/her actions. We know you appreciate our commitment to your student’s excellence and will support these expectations. Thank you for your time and interest in this matter. 


    Coach Shaw

Last Modified on March 26, 2018