• My family
    My Family
    I am married to an amazing man, Daniel, who I met working on my masters degree. He says I couldn't take my eyes off of him, but really it was the other way around. He is the Chief Operations Officer for the district and works hard to keep all the vital systems running to support our school. Before that he was the principal at Rountree Elementary and made a difference there every day. Before Daniel came to Allen he taught and coached in Richardson ISD. We have been married for almost eleven years. Our wedding was on New Year's Eve and we celebrate our anniversary every year with all of our friends.
    Together we have twins, Luke Henry and Leia Scout and Owen Nash. They are the joy of our lives. The twins are 8 and Owen is almost 5. Luke's favorite things right now are anything he can take apart and put back together and Leia's favorite things are books and stuffed animals. Owen is in preschool one more year, but tells us he is ready for kindergarten! 




    My parents are Ed and Pam Knight and they moved my two sisters and I to Allen in 1985 for a good education. Luckily, with all the wonderful teachers in Allen we all received that. I thank my parents every day for bringing me here!  Pam is a retired 2nd grade teacher from Boyd Elementary and was there for almost 30 years. Boyd is her second family and she has taught generations of families there over the years.  Pam now keeps Luke, Leia and Owen. She gets to spend her days with our three wild ones. Ed has retired and now drives a school bus for fun!  He is also a professional Santa Claus during the holidays!


    I have two younger sisters, Holly and Tiffany. Holly is an attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Tiffany is a nurse at Allen Presby. My sisters and I are very close and spend time together laughing, playing games and giving each other a hard time! 
    I have one nephew, Cole, who started college this year. He plays rugby and loves doing anything outside. Luke, Leia and Owen think he hung the moon and love playing with him any time they can. He is a wonderful part of all of our lives!
    I feel blessed to have such wonderful, supportive people in my life!