• Book Suggestions for 6th Graders

    Tell me something good...
    Some of the librarians at the elementary schools are creating
     "6th Grade Only" shelves in their libraries.
    You probably remember (back in the good ole days of elementary school!) how challenging it could be to find a book that you were dying to read.
    As librarians, we have to balance what the students want to read
    with the book's age-appropriateness, 
    and at the same time, make sure we are not censoring your reading.
    Sometimes that can be very challenging!
    So, here's where you come in...
    What books have you read this year that you think would be great additions
    to a "6th Grade Only" shelf at an elementary school?
    Think great content...but age-appropriate...think like a librarian!
    Click on the icon below to leave your suggestions!

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Last Modified on September 15, 2017