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    Curtis History and Namesake
    When Allen was known as just a small railroad water stop, Walter and Lois Curtis had a vision for the future. They knew that a community is only as strong as the dedication it has to kids. So, for more than 70 collective years they provided an exemplary profile of the parent who is involved positively and constantly in the school lives of their children and grandchildren. They were doing good works for kids long before they became employees of Allen ISD- Walter, 26 years of service to the district and city as a tax assessor/collector and Lois, 37 years in food service.

    One of the couple's three children said that if something needed to be done, "Daddy believed the citizens should take care of it." That included running the clock for basketball games and the scoreboard for football games. As a matter of fact, Walter helped to pick up Allen's first scoreboard, a used one from McKinney, on the back of a grain truck.

    Lois set an example of giving to the community by serving as one of the first PTA presidents in Allen. She has been involved in many school activities before she became a cafeteria cook. As the district grew, she became food service director.

    A member of the Curtis family has been directly involved in the district for over 65 years. Walter's father planted the initial seeds of loyalty by serving as school board president when the district literally had to persuade people to come to Allen to maintain accreditation. Walter's brother was a superintendent in Allen as well. Even when the Curtis children lived within Frisco school boundaries, they came to school in Allen.

    When the names Walter and Lois Curtis were chosen for CMS, a more fitting tribute could not have been given to parents and employees who have modeled a lifetime of service to children and to our district. Both have provided quiet, positive support and leadership and have never been short on pride for the districts's accomplishments or on willingness to support a child, program or challenge.

    In 1994 Walter and Lois Curtis Middle School opened its doors to 650 7th and 8th grade students.

    *Biography from 1995 Curtis Dedication Ceremony Program


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