• Student Safety

    Parent/Volunteer Visitation

    All Allen ISD campuses will have a receptionist to greet parents and visitors as they enter the building.  In addition, all campuses will be using the Hall Pass visitor identification program.  Hall Pass is a web-based software application that helps schools track their visitors, students and faculty. The Hall Pass system will help the school office know who is attempting to gain access to the campus. It will also help track visitors and volunteers who routinely visit their campus.

    Most notably, this system tracks all Registered Sexual Offenders (RSO) in the United States and alerts law enforcement and district/campus administration when a Registered Sexual Offender signs in at a campus.  This system will identify all visitors to a campus. The system also checks for “private alert” information which has been entered by campus administration. This might include information such as issues relating to parental custodial cases.

    Visitors to the school will be asked to show photo identification at the reception desk (driver license, state ID card, military photo ID). The ID will be scanned into the V-Soft system and a visitors badge will be issued if there is no alert indicated on the data base.  Although the visitor will need to check-in with the receptionist each visit and receive a badge, he/she will only need to present the photo ID on the first visit at each campus.

    We thank parents and visitors for their understanding and patience as we continue working to provide a safe and secure environment for all students, staff and visitors.

    Travel To and From School 
    We encourage parents to discuss safe practices as our students walk to and from school each day. Please help your child find the safest, most visible route to and from school. You should have a system where your child always keeps you informed if they are not walking straight home. They should know safe practices in dealing with strangers and know how to get help if they find themselves needing assistance. Make arrangements for your child to walk to and from school with others and make sure your child knows his/her address and phone number in case they get lost. Teaching your child to use good judgment and common sense will help them have a safe year traveling to school.
    Food Safety
    Due to new Texas Department of Agriculture regulations, parents may bring food to school ONLY for their own child. For example,we won't be able to bring pizza or even birthday cake for a group of students. Thanks you for your understanding.
Last Modified on July 11, 2022