• Examination of Acceleration/Credit by Examination


    In accordance with Allen Independent School District Board Policy, the district will provide opportunities for K-12 students to earn credit for acceleration through Examination of Acceleration/Credit by Examination on the following dates:

     2020-21 Testing Dates  2020-21 Registration Deadlines
    October 17 (without prior instruction only) September 11
    February 6 (without prior instruction only) January 15
    June 1-3 April 23

    July 12-15

    and/or Late July/Early August on campus

    May 20
    Students must meet enrollment eligibility requirements in order to register for the Exam of Acceleration. Students must be enrolled in Allen Independent School District to participate in Examination of Acceleration or Credit by Examination testing.
    Testing dates indicated as "without prior instruction" are available to students who have not yet received any instruction in the grade level or course through which they would like to accelerate.  
    Exam of Acceleration/Credit by Examination registrations must be approved by designated personnel on the student's campus.  Contact your child's school for registration forms and information.
    If you have questions about the Exam of Acceleration/Credit by Exam testing, please contact the designated personnel on your student's campus.