Anderson Motto, Mission and Vision

  • Motto:
    All-Stars to Eagles
    Preparing for the future - Whatever it takes.

    Mission Statement:

    At Anderson Elementary, we are dedicated to developing a collaborative learning community; inspiring All-Stars to successfully soar in the future.

    Vision Statement:

     Guided by our mission, we will strive for excellence by creating a school environment where…..

    • Instruction is TEKS and assessment-driven and authentically engages students. Curriculum is designed to reflect relevant and authentic content that supports the development of the whole child.
    • Students have a clear understanding of expectations and are given the opportunity to successfully meet those expectations through engaging work in a safe and pleasant environment.
    • Teachers create an atmosphere of respect where meaningful, child-centered education is provided in a safe learning community, and opportunities are provided for engaging, authentic learning.
    • Administration helps facilitate the collaboration of parents, teachers, and students in the school community in order to provide a quality learning environment. Through the guidance of effective leadership, a healthy, supportive atmosphere is developed.
    • Parental involvement is vital to each child’s overall success and is a valued resource encouraged by genuine partnerships and frequent communication.
    • Community is viewed as a valuable support to help promote understanding and achievement and enhance the real-world experiences provided to students.