Scholarship Resources

    Scholarships are FREE financial aid that can be used to help pay for tuition, fees, housing & meals (depending on the scholarship). Scholarships do not have to be repaid and are typically earned by exhibiting strong academics, athletics, hobbies, background, leadership, and/or community service. There are scholarships available for all sorts of interests, activities, GPA's, and grade levels - it's never too early to start applying for scholarships!

    Two types of scholarships:

    1. Merit Based - only based upon your achievements
    2. Need Based - based upon your achievements, but also consider your family's financial need to pay for college
    Some scholarships are college or university specific. These are either awarded through the college application process, you are reviewed for them when you apply to a college and awarded them upon admissions without having to submit a separate application, OR you apply for them when you apply to the college (or sometimes after you are accepted) but they require you to submit an additional application or essay. If a college asks on it's application if you'd like to be considered for financial aid & scholarships, always select '"yes." 

    With scholarship search websites and programs, be sure to check the eligibility criteria, know what materials to submit, and know your deadlines.



    • Be sure to check for scholarships and scholar programs at the college or university you are considering attending. 
    • Scholarships are everywhere. Make time to search and apply.
    • Create/update your resume, some scholarships may ask for this.
    • Consider asking two teachers to write a letter of recommendation for your scholarships.
    • Don't be afraid of scholarships that require an essay. That is a great way to get your voice heard.
    • Check with your employer or organization to see if they offer scholarships or tuition assistance.




    Scholarship Search Websites:

    Create a profile and get matched with scholarships that you are eligible for based on their requirements.


    JLV Scholarship Blog
    Scholarships are organized by categories (interest areas, backgrounds, grade level, etc.)
    Scholarships AZ
    Scholarships with no citizenship requirements
    Scholarships are organized by categories (interest areas, backgrounds, grade level, etc.)
    Scholarship Programs:
    Complete key steps along your path to college for chances to earn scholarships.
    Earn micro‑scholarships from colleges for your achievements as early as 9th grade.
    The Traditional Scholarship funds incoming freshmen who have graduated from a Texas high school and will attend one of the Terry-affiliated universities for the fall semester following graduation. The scholarship covers up to eight full semesters of undergraduate education and is renewable annually during that time.
    UNCF is the nation’s largest private scholarship provider for minority group members attending more than 1,100 schools across the country, including their network of 37 HBCUs.
    TMCF offers three types of unique scholarships that are merit, plus need-based designed to address the financial needs of students attending a TMCF member-school or other accredited college or university (if applicable). 
    For college-bound students who demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship with financial assistance to pursue higher education.
    Scholarship program for African American high school seniors.
    HSF empowers students and parents with the knowledge and resources to successfully complete a higher education, while providing support services and scholarships to as many exceptional students, HSF Scholars, and Alumni as possible.
     Scholarships, programs, and higher education resources for Latino/a students.
    An undergraduate scholarship program available to high-achieving high school seniors with financial need who seek to attend and graduate from the nation's best four-year colleges and universities.
    Scholarships, programs, and higher education resources for Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.
    The QuestBridge National College Match can be your pathway to a top college. Through this college and scholarship application process, you can apply for free to the nation’s best colleges and be considered for early admission and a full four-year scholarship from the college.
    The College Prep Scholars Program equips high-achieving high school juniors from low-income backgrounds with the knowledge, confidence, and resources to apply to top colleges. In addition, your application will automatically carry over for the National College Match when you’re a senior, giving you a head start on applying for a full four-year scholarship to our college partners.
    Local Scholarships:
    Local scholarships are posted in Xello under Plans - College Planning. Click on 'Search for Local Scholarships' to view the list. 
    Additional Resources:
    College Board National Recognition Program Recipients
    There are colleges & universities that offer significant scholarships to students recognized as National Hispanic, African-American, Indigenous, or Rural Scholars. Some scholarships are given to students upon admission, while others require additional applications or competitions.
    National Merit Finalists & Semifinalists
    There are colleges & universities that offer significant scholarships to National Merit Finalists & Semifinalists. Typically, to receive the finalist award from an institution, National Merit Scholars must designate them as their first choice with the National Merit Corporation.
    The Military offers many educational benefits that service members can take advantage of during or after service. From financial aid and college funds to loan repayment programs, there have never been more ways for service members to afford and further their education.