Scholarship Resources

    Use Naviance to access scholarship websites, download applications, and search for scholarship opportunities for which you are eligible. 

    The scholarships listed in Naviance cover a wide variety of local, state and national scholarships. We do our best to maintain current and relevant scholarships for our students.  


    • The Scholarship List is located under the "Colleges" tab.
      • Click on the "Colleges" tab
      • Click on "Scholarships and Money"
      • Click on "Scholarship List"

    Scholarship List Location

    For more detailed scholarship information, please visit your/your student's grade level folder (ex. senior, junior, sophomore) in the Document Resources in Naviance.

    Please see the "Financial Aid and Scholarship Resources" document. 


    How to Access the "Financial Aid and Scholarships Resources" document in Naviance:

    1. Log in to Naviance

    2. Scroll to the bottom of the student's home page

    3. Click on the Document Resources link

    4. Click on your/your student's grade level folder


    Please contact your College and Career Advisor in the College & Career Center when you have questions or need assistance.

     Document Resources