• Science Club wins BIG at the Dallas Regional Science Fair 2016
    Science Club took 24 students to the Dallas Regional Science Fair this year and grabbed Several Awards including 1 student (Meghana Nadella) qualified for the State Fair. She also won a special award at the State Science Fair.
    Here are some of the winners...
    Science Fair Awards 2016
    1. Meghana Nadella won at the Regional Science Fair 2016 (Earth and Environmental) and Qualified for the State Competition. She also earned a special SAME award at the State Fair.
    2. Sharon Chen:Honorable Mention, Biomedical and Health Sciences
    3. Richard Bui: Behavioral and Social Sciences, Honorable mention
    4. Charles Bui: Behavioral and Social Sciences, Honorable mention 
    Science Fair Awards 2015 
    1. Nisha Kalyanpur: Special Award; Dallas County Veterinary Medical Association 

    2. Raghav Vuggumudi: Honorable mention, Behavioral and Social Sciences

    3. Charles Bui: Honorable mention, Behavioral and Social Sciences

    4. Vineel Mallepalli: Honorable mention, Behavioral and Social Sciences

    5. Architha Vijay: Honorable mention, Behavioral and Social Sciences

    6. Grace Han: Honorable mention, Behavioral and Social Sciences

    7. Sarah AnsariHonorable mention, Behavioral and Social Sciences

     8. Gordon Li: Honorable mention, Environmental Sciences
    Science Fair Awards 2014
    1. Rae Park and Amogh Reddy Win at the Regional Science Fair 2014 and Qualify for the State Competition! Way to Go...!
    2. Joyce Oh and Kristina Ngyuen win at the Regional Science Fair 2014 
    And Many More Awards.... 
    Science Fair Awards 2013
    Elizabeth & Shelly

    Elizabeth McDonald & Shelly Gullord
    Honorable Mention, Medical Sciences
    Nabeel Science Fair 2013       Michael Science fair 2013
    Nabeel Akram: 1st Place                     Michael Bhi: Honrable Mention
    Mathematical Sciences                        Behavioral Sciences

    AHS Science Club promotes Scientific research projects. Students are required to get their projects approved and then encouraged to begin their research under the guidance of Science Fair coordinator and other mentors if necessary. Following students skillfully designed and performed their meticulous experiments, collected endless data and proudly presented it.

    1. Don't know which project to select......?
    2. Don't know how, when, why and all those questions...?
    Find plenty of information here including the project ideas.