• Science Club wins BIG at the Dallas Regional Science Fair 2018
    Science Club took 15 students to the Dallas Regional Science Fair this year and grabbed Several Awards including 1 student (VinhHuy Le) qualified for the State Fair. She also won a special award at the State Science Fair.
    Here are some of the winners...
    Science Fair Awards 2018

    Here is the list of winners:

    • Biomedical and Health Sciences & Translational Medical Science


    VinhHuy Le: 2nd Placement Prize

    • American Meteorology Society North Texas
    • Pranay Srivastav: Meteorology 2nd Place Award
    • American Meteorology Society

    Pranay Srivastava: Outstanding Achievement Award in Atmospheric Science

    • WEAT Award

    Meghana Nadella: First Place Award

    • Stockholm Junior Water Prize 

    Meghana Nadella: Best Water Project

    • Behavioral and Social Sciences

    Julia Joseph: Honorable mention

    Sanhita Chundury: Honorable mention

    • Biomedical Engineering

    Priya Mandava: Honorable mention

    • Earth and Environmental Science

    Meghana Nadella: Honorable mention



    AHS Science Club promotes Scientific research projects. Students are required to get their projects approved and then encouraged to begin their research under the guidance of Science Fair coordinator and other mentors if necessary. Following students skillfully designed and performed their meticulous experiments, collected endless data and proudly presented it.


    1. Don't know which project to select......?
    2. Don't know how, when, why and all those questions...?
    Find plenty of information here including the project ideas.