•  bell  District of Innovation    

    May 2         Board Workshop - Overview presentation of District of Innovation
    May 11       Scheduled DIPC Meeting - Overview Presentation of District of Innovation
    May 16       Board adopts Resolution/public hearing/votes to develop Local Innovation Plan (LIP)/delegates authority authority to Subt to                      appoint Committee
    June 6         Supt. reports names of Local Innovation Committee (Strategic Plan Team, Project Kids, other)     
    June 15       Cabinet team meets to discuss Local Innovation Plan
    July 19        Workshop Meeting of Local Innovation Committee to identify possible areas for exemptions and begin development of                     Local Innovation Committee comprehensive plan
     July 25       Board update from Local Innovation Committee/Board provides input
    August 10   Local Innovation Committee meeting to further develop Local Innovation Plan
    Sept. 13      Schedule DIPC Meeting- LIC/DIPC joint meeting to review progress on Local Innovation Plan & possibly finalize
    Oct.            Tentative LIC meetings to finalize LIP Comprehensive Plan 
    Oct. 24       (Optional attendance for LIC) Board Meeting-LIC presents LIP to Board; Board votes to notify Commissioner of Board                    intention to vote on adopting LIP
    Nov-Dec.   LIP Posted on District Website for 30 days. Schedule DIPC Public Meeting to pass plan by majority vote
    January       Board Meeting - Board votes on LIP (2/3 vote required) 
    Meeting Date

    July 19