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     Names: Erin Needham and Courtney Fisher

     Grade/Subject: K-6 PE

     To Leave a Voicemail:  972-236-0600, Ext. 8065
    If you call during the day 7:45 - 3:15, please leave a voice mail and I will call you back after school. 
     Conference time - 11:05 - 11:50 daily



    Students in grades K-5 have PE twice in one week, and on Fridays on a rotating basis.  6th graders will have PE twice a week.  Please check the schedule page  on this website to see which days, so they can wear appropriate shoes and clothing.  Girls must wear shorts under dresses and skirts.
    Please ask your child's teacher for specific days they will have PE.
    Technology in PE
    I am trying to integrate more technology into PE, especially when it comes to communication with parents.  I have set up a Facebook page for PE, so feel free to "like" it.  Please check back often!
    Here is a list of apps we are going to try out in PE.  We are working on getting an ipod and a projector, so students can benefit from these! 
    PE Wish List
    • iTunes gift cards
    • Clorox wipes
    • Hand sanitizer
    Here's a great video about the benefits and importance of PE for our students.  http://video.pbs.org/video/1785416952