• Max O. Vaughan Elementary School


     Home of the Vaughan Vikings

     820 Cottonwood Drive
     Allen, Texas 75002
     (972) 727-0470
     (972) 727-0579 Fax

     Tonya Jasenof, Principal
     Ashley Crowson, Assistant Principal
     Melissa Dreher, Counselor
     Laurie Malone, Office Secretary
     Nera Van Ark, Attendance/Registrar
     Nancy Compton, Receptionist
     Kathryn Higman, Nurse
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    School Colors:    Purple and White
    School Mascot:   Vikings
    School Motto:     We're Sailing Toward New Horizons
    School Song:       Vikings Sail

    The Vaughan Viking Creed

    Vaughan Vikings Sail!


    strive for success,

    always have a positive attitude,

    I   inspire and respect others, and

    love learning!

    Mission Statement

    Vaughan Elementary develops good citizens and life-long learners by empowering each to realize his or her full potential in a caring, safe environment.
    Vaughan Elementary has been known for its SAFE, CARING culture and environment since its opening in the fall of 1989. As we look to the future of our school, the faculty and staff believe that this tradition must continue on behalf of the students we will influence in the years to come.
    C   Children are our chosen customers, and we provide the most significant service to them.
    A   All children can learn and deserve the highest quality education.
    R   Relationships based on respect and trust are essential to our task.
    I    Interesting and engaging work leads to deeper understanding and learning for children.
    N   Nothing is impossible when we work as a team.
    G   Grace is given to all, as each day is a new beginning.
    S   Safety and security are a top priority.
    A   Affirmation of success and effort occurs at all levels.
    F   Friendliness, integrity, and citizenship are fundamental to developing leaders.
    E   Every decision is based on what is best for children!
Last Modified on March 15, 2021