Tina Valleau


    K-6th Grade General Music and 6th Grade Choir

    To leave a voicemail anytime: 972-236-0600, ext. 0952



    Hi!  I am Tina Valleau and I highly value and enjoy learning in the music room!

    I grew up in a musical family where I learned the fundamentals of singing, playing instruments, performing, and enjoying all types of music experiences.  I have passed a bit of this love of music to my own four kids!  I have had the privilege to travel and share music in many other countries.  From these experiences I have developed a passion for history too!  I played flute in the Escadrille when I was a student at Allen High School, and graduated from Baylor with a BS in Education.  I love learning so much that I went back to school as an adult and earned an MBA.  I have taught music in multiple environments for the past 23 years, and this will be my 9th year at Vaughan.

    Music connects us to all subjects we learn.  Music teaches literacy.  It not only enriches life in invaluable ways, but research shows that it increases brain function which supports all areas of life.  I am looking forward to engaging Vaughan Vikings in all things music! ♥