Let Your Dreams Set Sail!

    Welcome to the Vaughan Clinic!


    All of our Vaughan Vikings are unique and special and I love being their school nurse! Please always let me know if your child has any new health concerns or if I can be of assistance to you in any way.

    Clinic visits - I love to see our students and try to make the clinic an easy place to visit if needed.  My goal is to keep students healthy and in class as much as possible.  I rarely call parents on a child's first trip to the clinic and attempt to offer time to rest and simple interventions before students try class again. Often times, student's do not find it necessary for a return visit to the clinic.

    Health Screenings Info - Hearing and Vision screening is done throughout the year beginning in the Fall for new students and all of kindergarten, 1st, 3rd and 5th grades. If you have a concern regarding your student’s vision or hearing, please call and I will be glad to screen your child at that time. Pre-diabetic screening is also done in the Fall for 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades. In the fall, 5th grade girls will be screened for scoliosis.

    Growth and Development - I teach a program on growth and development called "Always Changing" during 5th grade. Parents are notified before the program is presented. The videos shown during the lesson can be located on You Tube under the titles of "Always Changing (girls only)" and "Always Changing (boys only)". A male teacher will give the lesson to the boys in a separate room from the girls.

    Medication in the Clinic - Texas has specific guidelines about dispensing medication and those guidelines are located in the Student Handbook. All medications taken by a student during the school day must have an AISD medication permission form completed by the parent or guardian. You may print the form from the Clinic Forms section of Family Access on the Allen ISD website. Allen ISD Health Services Website


    Health Condition Forms - Allergy action plans, asthma action plans, diabetic care plants and seizure action plans are all located under the Allen ISD Health Services Website. These forms should be completed by the health care provider and parent each school year if the student has a medical need that may necessitate care for one of the conditions during the school day.


    In addition, you may also locate and print your own student's immunization record at any time under the health section of Health Services - Immunization information