• Karri Decker
    Gifted and Talented Specialist 
     Subject: AIM grades K-6 
    AIM services will begin the week of August 22, 2022.  
     Voice Mail: 972-236-0600 x8197 (however email is best)
    Welcome to the Allen ISD Gifted and Talented AIM program!
     We will be...
    “Activating Inquisitive Minds”
    during the 2021-2022 school year by engaging our students with curriculum opportunities designed to maximize their growth and potential for life-long success as a gifted learner.
    My name is Karri Decker and I work with the gifted population at Cheatham Elementary. I earned a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education in 1998 from UNT, and I have taught third grade in the past. I studied and earned my Gifted and Talented certification in Spring 2008, as well as my ESL certification in  Fall 2011. I have worked hard to learn all I can to be a better educator (and parent) of gifted children.

    This is my 16th year as a Gifted and Talented Specialist, and I am excited about starting another year of AIM. I look forward to working with your children. I also hope to have the opportunity to visit various grade levels around campus.
    Our thinking processes will include critical thinking, creative thinking, inductive/deductive reasoning, social skills, spatial relationships, research, and communication skills.
    The AIM program provides a homogeneous grouping of identified elementary (K-6) gifted and talented students that is designed to maximize their potential through in-depth and complex exploration of interdisciplinary studies that both extend and enrich the regular classroom. AIM is a pull-out program where students are clustered in a classroom with a gifted and talented specialist teacher. Our AIM curriculum serves to integrate Language Arts/ Social Studies and Science/ Math through a rigorous, relevant, and enriched extension of the regular classroom. 
    The Allen ISD “AIM” Gifted and Talented program is designed to be an enriched academic extension of the classroom where gifted students are provided with exciting opportunities to learn, discover, and make real world connections with other gifted and talented students.

    Allen ISD Gifted and Talented website link: https://www.allenisd.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=291

    Allen ISD Gifted and Talented email: Gifted@AllenISD.org
    Allen ISD Gifted and Talented office FAX: 972-727-0434