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    Mrs. Vick's
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    Alison Hilburn Vick
    7th Grade Humanities
    972-747-3308 ext. 5123
    Email: Alison.Vick@allenisd.org
    Hi, my name is Alison Hilburn Vick and I am really excited about this school year!   
    I have 3rd period conference.
    Tutoring times are after school by appointment only.
    Please see my homepage on canvas, CANVAS
    Please use google chrome to open and navigate canvas.
    Textbook is located in canvas, in the Texas History course shell. Under the ConnectED tab.
    Absent Work Policy
    Students will be given the number of days they were absent to complete and turn in their absent work.
    Late Work Policy
    If a student turns in an assignment late, the maximum score they can receive is a 60%. After two days, the assingment remains a 0% in the gradebook.
    Correction Policy
    Students may correct any failing assingment, quiz, or test for a 70%. If a students fails a test or quiz, there will be an allotted day dedicated to redoes and retakes scheduled by the teacher.