Absent Work Policy
    • Students will be given the number of days they were absent to complete and turn in their absent work.

    Ex) If a student is absent for two school days, they will receive two school days to make-up the absent assignments when they return back to school. 

    Late Work Policy

    • If a student turns in an assignment late, the maximum score they can receive is a 70%. After three days, the assignment remains a 0% in the gradebook.

    Correction Policy

    • Students may correct any failing assignment, quiz, or test for a 70%. They will need to make arrangements with me to redo or retake the assignment, usually within 3 school days.

    Welcome to

    Mrs. Haskell's class!

    For the 2018-2019 school year,

     I am teaching 7th Grade Texas History
    and 8th Grade Hospiality and Tourism.


    Canvas: Allen ISD Student Portal



    Classroom Schedule 2017-2018
    1st Period      8:25 – 9:14      Texas History
    2nd Period     9:18 – 10:07    Hosp & Tourism
    3rd  Period    10:11 – 11:00   Conference
    A Lunch        11:04 – 11:34                       
    4th Period     11:38 – 12:27   Texas History
    5th Period     12:31 – 12:56   Homeroom
    6th Period     1:00 – 1:49       Texas History
    7th Period     1:53 – 2:42       Texas History
    8th Period     2:46 – 3:35       Hosp & Tourism



    Thursdays after school until 4:15.
    Other times by appointment.
     Name: Anita Haskell
     Phone: 972-747-3308
     Bio: Originally, moved to Allen in 1973.
    Allen High School graduate   Go Eagles!.
    BS and MS from the University of Texas at Dallas.
    My wonderful husband, Greg and I, have 5 girls from 21 to 27 and a 6 yo grandaughter.
    This is my 14th year at Ereckson MS.  
    Welcome to my class!