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    Welcome to Bret Hendricks' website.
     Name: Bret Hendricks
     Grade/Subject: Physical Education,  Golf and Tennis Coach
     Phone/Voicemail: 972-747-3308
     Email: b.hendricks@allenisd.org
     Conference:  8th Period-Office F102   canvas.allenisd.org
    Tennis Tryouts:
    Boys October 16, Friday
    Girls October 30, Friday
    Boys Call Backs October 30, Friday
    Rain Outs or Girl Call backs Nov. 6, Friday
    *4:15 Start at Allen High School Tennis Courts
    1. Before you tryout: Make sure your parents can and will drop you off by 7:28 A.M. at Allen High School daily 2nd semester (Jan. 11-April 30) for practices. Virtual students will need to be picked up by 8:43 AM. We will bus the In Person students to EMS to attend 2nd period.   
    2. You must be able to rally 5-10 balls per point, keep score, and know the basic rules to tryout.
    3. Before you can tryout:  Boys turn in forms by Oct. 9, Girls by Oct. 23. Form links are on the Girls EMS athletics web page.

    Please make sure all of your RankOneSport.com forms are complete and you have emailed to Coach Hendricks a copy of your student’s Medical History and Medical Physical (on the correct form signed by a medical professional/Dr.) newer than May, 1st 2020.

    Email Medical Forms in a readible and printable form to:  b.hendricks@allenisd.org.

    Golf Team 1st Semester- Tennis Team 2nd Semester

    *New: Before you arrive at any practice Golf or Tennis  class/outing:

    You will need to log into RankOneSport with your school sign in.  Fill out the daily Health Screen for Covid symptoms page and sign electronically. There are QR codes in the Hallway for In Person students who do not have the app.


    You will also need to be wearing a Collar Golf Shirt and attire when we go to either Course.

    Meet at the Weight Room or Weight Room Hallway for 1/2 days and Tourneys. 

    New Change:  Virtual Golf Students are now going to have the choice to do a virtual PE assignment if they cannot make the normal 1 to 1:35 practice work logistically that day. All players need to attend 1/2 days and their respective tournament.  

    Coach Hendricks


    Physical Education Course Description


    To be successful in your P.E. class you will need to be prepared mentally and physically.

    Be ready to start with a warm up and strengthening routine and participate in the day’s activity to the best of your ability. The activities will include: jog days, full body workout relays, core work, games/activities, and sport specific skills with some game situations.  Each day you will want to have athletic shoes as well as a positive attitude.
    Get ready to work hard and have fun.   


    Golf Team Description


    Tennis Team Description     


    New Tennis Player Information Sheet



    Hello Huskies:  I encourage you to be active in any physical activity you enjoy.

    As a first goal, exercise with an increased heart rate for 15 min. 3 or 4 times a week. 

    Once successful with that goal, try to exercise 30 min. a day, 4 to 6 days or nights a week.

    As a student I enjoyed playing football, basketball, baseball, soccer and tennis.

    I enjoy watching college football and I am a T.C.U. fan. 

    Here is some of my educational background: 

    T.C.U.  1983-85

    S.F.A. 1985-86  Dean's List

    U.T. El Paso -     B.A. Liberal Arts

    University of North Texas - M.A. Secondary Education 

    I have been married to my beautiful wife Claudia for over 30 years.

    We have 4 wonderful children:  Mitchell, Ailee, Jackson, and Mary Claire.

    Ailee enjoys photography, broadcast news, music and time with friends.  Mitchell likes the outdoors, music and art.  Jackson enjoys lifting weights and basketball, Mary Claire enjoys trampoline, swimming and tennis.