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     Name:  Brian Halvorson
     Grade/Subject:  College and Career Readiness and Leadership 8

     Room A222


    Mr.Halvorson's Bell Schdule





                                                                                         Period 1       8:20 - 9:08           College and Career Readiness

                                                                        Period 2       9:12 - 10:06          College and Career Readiness

                                                                        Period 3       10:10 - 10:10        Planning Period

                                                                        Period 4 A    11:02 - 12:54        Leadership 8  

                                                                        Period 5       12:58 - 1:46          College and Career Readiness

                                                                        Period 6       1:50 - 2:38            College and Career Readiness

                                                                        Period 7       2:42 - 3:30            Leadership 8


    Tutoring Times: Tuesday and Wednesday  3:35 - 4:00 PM


    Academic Course Descriptions:

    College and Career Readiness 7/8 BM1CCC
    (One Semester)
    This is a course that provides students an opportunity to explore a variety of career options. Students will acquire
    essential skills for career planning and lifelong learning. Students will use self-knowledge along with educational and
    career information to set and achieve realistic career and education goals.


    Leadership 8 EL1LDC
    (One Semester)

    Leadership is a course whose goal is to help students realize their greatest potential by developing better critical-
    thinking, decision-making (including drug and alcohol prevention), and conflict-resolution skills. From self-evaluation,

    to team building and community service, students will have the opportunity to reinforce the three most positive qualities
    of leadership: learning, sharing and giving.