Welcome to Mrs. Kirby's website.
    Name: Cindi Kirby
    Computer Graphics
    Media Arts Science               
    Phone: 972-747-3308
    Planning: 3rd period

    Link to:

    Welcome to my website. The information on this page will not change very often during the school year because we use Canvas for most communications.



    Tutoring Schdeule Spring 2020: 

    • At-home learning: I will be on my computer most weekdays between 9-4. However, I might be away when you email or message me, but I should respond within an hour. 

    Late work and grades:

        • Students' grades are in Skyward not Canvas. 
        • A "late" in Canvas does not mean the assignment is graded as late.
        • Students have two days after the due date to finish an assignment, but they will not have time in class to finish it.
        • If a student earns less than a 70 on an assignment they can raise their grade to a 70. The amount of time given to do this depends on the nature of the assignment, and the student needs to ask me.