Name:  Debra Fourcand

     Grade/Subject: 7th Grade ELA/Case Manager

     Phone: 972-747-3308

     Email: Debra.Fourcand@allenisd.org

     Conference Time:  1:00 PM - 1:40 PM

     Link to Canvas:  https://canvas.allenisd.org

     Link to Textbook: https://portal.allenisd.org   (login & select SpringBoard)

     Tutoring: 7:50 AM - 8:15 AM or by appointment

     Late Work: Late work will be accepted no more than 3 days after the due date. 

     Make-Up Work Policy: For every day a student is absent, they will be provided one class period to complete their work for full credit.

     Re-Do Policy: Students that earn a grade below 70% on an assignment or assessment are eligible to re-do the assignment or assessment for a maximum grade of 70%.  Intervention, such as tutoring, will be required prior to re-doing the assignment or assessment.

     English/Language Arts: The goals of the English/Language Arts courses are for students to read and understand a wide variety of literary and informational   texts; compose a variety of written texts with a clear controlling idea, coherent organization, and sufficient detail; research to locate a range of relevant sources and   evaluate, synthesize, and present ideas and information; listen and respond to the ideas of others while contributing their own ideas in conversations and in groups;   and learn how to use the oral and written conventions of the English language in speaking and writing. English 7 is a course that emphasizes close reading strategies to develop skills in literary analysis and the development of composition skills. All students have a required summer reading assignment each year.