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    Mrs. Allen
    7th Grade GT Science and Study Skills
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    NOTE TO PARENTS: If your student receives any grade below 70 on a test or assignment, they are eligible to come in for tutoring, followed by an opportunity to raise their grade up to 70!  Please do not hesitate to encourage your students to make use of this opportunity!  In the past, we have often tracked them down and forced this "chance" upon them, but new regulations are now in place which put the responsibility squarely in the hands of the students. Please help them to see the importance of being responsible!

    I am almost always here before and after school for tutoring.  If bus riders cannot make it to tutoring, we can assign your student to our after-school homework club (which provides later bus transport) and I will try to stay to tutor them during that time.


    GT: Seventh Grade GT Science is a course for AISD-identified gifted and talented students designed to meet the social, emotional, and academic  needs of the gifted learner.  This course will prepare students for advanced sciences at the high school level through Project Based Learning and STEAM experiences to support depth of exploration and engagement.  The study of science within this course is interdisciplinary in nature. However, much of the content focuses on organisms and the environment at a higher level of rigor.  The class involves laboratory and field investigations in which students will be using critical and creative thinking to analyze data and solve problems.  Students will also be offered the opportunity to participate in a Science Fair; an outside of class experiment-based or engineering-based project.  Students enrolled in this course should expect extensive outside-of-class preparation.