Welcome to Wendy McKay-Fairley classroom Website.
     Name: Wendy McKay-Fairley
     Grade/Subject: Principles of Hospitality and Tourism, PALS, 
     Phone: 972-747-3311
     Conference time: 2:46 - 3:35
     Tutoring time: Appointment only
     Email: wendy.marsilemckay@allenisd.org
     Canvas: http://canvas.allenisd.org 
    Re-do Policy: Students that earn a grade below a 70% on an assignment or assessment are eligible to re-do the assignment or assessment for a maximum grade of 70%. Intervention, such as tutoring, will be required prior to re-doing the assignment or assessment.
     Late Work Policy: Late work will be accepted no more than 3 days after the due date. Assignments turned in 4 days or more after teh due date may earn a grade of 0%. 
    Make-up Work Polidy: For every day a student is absent, they will be provided one class period to complete their work for full credit.
        Welcome to
    Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
    I am looking forward to a wonderful semester and school year.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me through my email or direct phone extension.