Welcome to 8th Grade Humanities/Pre-AP English 8 
    Name: Whitney Woody
              Pam Kolodziej
    Grade/Subject: Humanities GT/Pre-AP/IB/Pre-AP English 8 
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    8th Humanities GT


    Welcome to Humanities GT/pre-AP/IB.  Humanities is a double blocked class that focuses on English, American History, literature, art, poetry, and philosophy.  It’s designed to meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of the gifted learner.


    The lessons for Humanities are taught in a wide variety of ways.  Through literary analysis, composition, and multimedia communication skills, students will explore and reflect on the political, social, and economic issues that have shaped our society and defined our roles as citizens. Students will be given an opportunity to choose and design some of their own learning experiences.  Through self-selection and exploration, students will be engaged with the curriculum which will lead to memorable, authentic learning.

    8th Grade Humanities Themes


    Colonial America
    Revolutionary War
    The New Nation

    Framing of the Government
    A Divided Nation





    Listed below are the supplies that must be brought to class each day.

    ·         1 ½” 3-ring binder with a clear pocket cover

    ·         One package of 8 dividers

    ·         Loose leaf notebook paper

    ·         Blue or black pen

    ·         Red pen

    ·         Highlighter

    ·         Glue stick








    Grading Policy for Humanities 8

    ·         Tests/Projects: 50%

    ·         Quiz Grades: 30%

    ·         Daily Grades (Class and homework): 20%


    Late Work: Students will have two school calendar days to make up late assignments for a maximum grade of 60%.  Students in English 8 will have two school calendar days to make up late assignments for a maximum grade of 70%.



    We look forward to a wonderful year at Ereckson.  If you have any questions, the easiest and fastest way to contact us is by email.




    Whitney Woody



    Pam Kolodziej


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    Password: huskies
    School Code: 200882