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     Debra Day                                             Heather Youngquist

    972-360-4137                                        972-360-4142

     8th Grade Counselor 2020-21            7th Grade Counselor 2020-21

    debra.day@allenisd.org                      heather.youngquist@allenisd.org

    Please e-mail your grade counselor with questions or concerns.
    Derrick Sledge MS, LCDC, LPC-S
    AISD Middle School Support Counselor
    Academic Planning Guide for Middle School
    Mental Health Support During Covid



    Teen Screen - FMS is working on this survey

    in November for students who's parents completed

    the permission slip.  You will receive an email.



    8th Graders will beginning looking at 4 year plans

    and high school information in November. Course

    selection for 9th grade will happen in December.

    The LFC presentation to Students will be Dec. 9th

    Parent Information Night will also be Dec. 9th

    More information to come





     How do I get on Canvas?

    Zoom links for Courses will probably be here

    1.  Go to portal.allenisd.org 
    2. Log on with your Student ID number and                                      the password from last year
    3. Find Canvas and click on it 
    4. Find the course for your classes and see if                                      the Zoom link is there to click on it

    What if I can’t find my Zoom Link?

    1. Go to portal.allenisd.org
    2. Log on with your Student ID number                                            and the password from last year
    3. Find your email
    1. If your teacher emailed it to you,                                            then click on the link
    2. If it doesn't work, email your teacher.

     If you have problems, please call the school (972)727-0590


    Technology Issues - Submit a Help Ticket Here



    Covid-19 Issues - Resources available below




    Tips and Tricks for Distance Learning







    Meal Bundle Prices are for All Students (K-12)






    Our Mission - To provide a comprehensive, developmental
    counseling program addressing the academic, career and
    personal/social development of all students. 
    Information - Confidentiality
    While it is important that a student’s conversations with a school counselor be kept confidential, confidentiality
    does have its limitations. According to the American School Counselor Association’s Ethical Standards for School
    Counselors, counselors must “keep information confidential unless legal requirements demand that confidential
    information be revealed or a breach is required to prevent serious and foreseeable harm to the student”  
    (American School Counselor Association [ASCA], 2010).
    The most frequent type of breaches include a student verbalizing the following:

    1)      Verbal, Physical or Sexual Abuse

    2)      Neglect

    3)      A desire to harm him/herself

    4)      A desire to harm someone else

    5)      An unreported sexual assault