A.I.M. (Activating Inquisitive Minds)

  • Welcome to the 2020-21 school year. My name is Terry Rains, my husband Scott and I live in Allen and have two daughters, Abigail and Maggie. I have been teaching since 1993. I earned a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with a certification in Gifted and Talented Education.
    Contact information:
    Monday AM - Bolin Elementary 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade In-Person 
    Monday PM-  Bolin Elementary 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade Virtual
    Tuesday AM-  Anderson Elementary 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade In-Person
    Tuesday PM-  Norton Elementary 1st Grade Virtual
    Wednesday - Anderson Elementary 4th, 5th, 6th grade In-Person
    Thursday -    Bolin Elementary 4th, 5th, 6th  grade Virtual
    Friday -        Bolin Elementary 4th, 5th & 6th grade In-Person
    STEAM Guidelines
    • Students gain new skills and a deeper knowledge of integrated science, math and art collectively applied to a real problem
    • The engineering design process is the driver for finding solutions in the identified problem
    • Engaging, inquiry-based instructional approaches are used and research is incorporated
    • Students work in teams to find solutions, and multiple solutions are possible
    • Technology is used or created 

    1st-3rd Grade NEW Curriculum: TPSP Toy Business
    Toy Business-  This project generates an understanding of marketing, consumer awareness and business models by studying the games and toys industry. Students will learn about the making, selling and history of their favorite toys. Then, the students will design, create and manage their own toy company. Each student or group will develop a prototype of a new toy, along with one of the following: a business plan for a toy/game company; marketing campaign to sell the toy/game; or plan to mass produce the toy/game. 
    4th-6th Grade New AIM Curriculum: TPSP Terrestrial Real Estate
    Throughout this project, students will explore the physical properties and locations of various bodies in the solar system by becoming real estate agents for Terrestrial Real Estate (a fictional real estate company in outer space). They will learn about the Goldilocks Zone and what constitutes Goldilocks conditions (i.e., conditions that allow a planet to be hospitable for life or colonization). Afterwards, students will search for locations within the solar system which have similar conditions and produce a commercial or real estate sales pitch for different locations in the solar system that represent the inner planets, outer planets, and Kuiper belt.

    Gifted and Talented Focus:

    Critical Thinking Skills, Analytical Reasoning, Productive and Creative Reasoning, and Problem Solving

    Our thinking processes will include critical thinking, creative thinking, inductive/deductive reasoning, social skills, spatial relationships, research, and communication skills.

    We will be “Activating Inquisitive Minds” during the school year by engaging our students with curriculum opportunities designed to maximize their growth and potential for life-long successes as a gifted learner.

    The AIM program provides a homogeneous grouping of identified elementary (K-6) gifted and talented students that is designed to maximize their potential through in-depth and complex exploration of interdisciplinary studies that both extend and enrich the regular classroom. AIM is a pull-out program where students are clustered in a classroom with a gifted and talented specialist teacher. Our AIM curriculum serves to integrate Language Arts/ Social Studies and Science/ Math through a rigorous, relevant, and enriched extension of the regular classroom.

    The Allen ISD Gifted and Talented program is designed to be an enriched academic extension of the classroom where gifted students are provided with exciting opportunities to learn, discover, and make real world connections with other gifted and talented students. 

    Allen ISD Gifted and Talented website link: https://www.allenisd.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=291

    Allen ISD Gifted and Talented email: Gifted@AllenISD.org
    Allen ISD Gifted and Talented office fax: 972-727-0434