Welcome to 7th Grade Math! 

    Name: Jessica Green

    Grade/Subject: 7th Math

    Email: Jessica.Green@allenisd.org

    Room Number: B103

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    Mathematics 7 is a continuation and expansion of the skills/concepts developed in elementary mathematics. Emphasis is based upon the development of problem solving strategies. The mathematics content can be identified with the following major strands: problem-solving patterns, relations and functions; numeration; operations and computation; measurement; geometry; probability; statistics, graphing, and basic algebraic concepts. MA2M7A 

    Math 7 Pre-AP/IB Qualification based on 4th grade Math STAAR, 5 th grade Math STAAR, and 6 th grade 1 st semester math grade. New students to Allen ISD interested in entering the program must submit a request to Advanced Academics@allenisd.org . All students not placed initially will be reevaulated. Math 7 Pre-AP/IB is a course designed to prepare students for advanced study of math at the high school level, including Pre-AP and Pre-IB courses. This course covers concepts from Mathematics 7 and Mathematics 8 with a concentration in Pre-Algebra. The students will use algebra in working with problem-solving, geometry, number theory, polynomials, and rational numbers. Students enrolled in this course should expect extensive outside-of class preparation.