Welcome to Sheila Bracken's classroom website.
     Name: Sheila Bracken
     Grade/Subject: English 8 
     Phone: 972-236-0600 x4172

    A central goal of English 8 is to establish a reading habit that will help students relieve stress in their every day lives and build stamina that will help in their current as well as future academic lives.


    Students will choose books they want to read and then spend time both in class and at home reading them. My goal is that each student read a minimum of 100 pages per week; however, each student will set his/her own goals based on his/her individual reading rate.


    I will not put restrictions on what students choose to read, but I will make suggestions that I feel will help them grow as readers. Parents, talk to your children about what they're reading, or join them in that reading. If you object to the content  in any way, you are well within your rights to establish filters for your child. 


    Writing is another essential part of this class. We will focus on the writing of different types of essays. The purpose of the essays is to tap into students' truisms-what they know and believe--and take the reader on a journey to some place. This writing will challenge the students in new ways.


    Other Important Information:

    • Students receiving a grade lower than 70 on an assignment have 5 days to correct their work for a 70. Work that is not turned in by the given deadline will receive a grade no higher than 70 (unless the student has an excused absence), and the number of possible points will drop to 50 after 3 days. 


    • Those needing help with assignments / corrections may see me during tutoring times, which are: Tues & Thurs 7:50-8:20 AM & Tues 3:35-4:05 PM.