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    Welcome to the Mustang Choir website!
    Mustang Choir
    The Ford MS Choir has a long-standing tradition of excellence.  Excellence can not be achieved without dedication and effort.  
    Each choir member will be expected to:
    √ learn and develop good vocal production and skills required for
    successful choral singing
    √ develop and maintain sight-reading skills
    √ develop a basic musical knowledge
    √ perform at all concerts
    √ maintain good school attendance
    √ maintain eligibility by receiving grades of 70 or above in all classes
    √ develop excellent daily rehearsal skills
    √ learn to work as a team
    √ participate in choir social activities

    Being in Choir is being a part of a TEAM, where the participation, positive attitude, hard work and dedication is expected of EVERY choir member!!!
    I'm excited you are here and look forward to an amazing year!
     I will be communicating primarily through skyward email, and remind.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  
    Important Dates: 
    Ford Middle School 972-727-0590

    Please text @9743f3b class code to 81010  
      to sign up for remind.  



    Susy Gulley

    Choir teacher


    "Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent"
    -Victor Hugo