Mission: Ford Middle School prepares students to be life-long learners that strive to do their absolute best every day and are kind to others in their school community and beyond.

    Vision: Committed to excellence, dedicated to caring, powered by learning, soar like eagles.

    Value Statements: Every decision made is based upon the best interest of our students. Success comes from building relationships with our students and providing them with a highly engaging learning environment. High expectations lead to growth and achievement for each student and staff member. All students will utilize social, emotional and academic skills in order to become resilient and resourceful lifelong learners. The highest levels of learning occur when students are engaged in work that is relevant, authentic and challenging. Equity and access to equal opportunities are essential to reaching the highest levels of student achievement. We embrace families, staff, students, and our community in the shared responsibility of educating our children. Developing meaningful, collaborative relationships in a welcoming, safe and caring environment is essential for student success.

    History: W. E. "Pete" Ford Middle School was dedicated on Sunday, November 13th, 1983 at 2:30 pm. The Superintendent of Schools was Dr. John Horn. The Board of Trustees was comprised of E. T. Boon, Don Brazeal, Pat Dillard, Mary Evans, James Kerr, Glen Renfro, and Charles Williams.  

    Namesake: W. E. "Pete" Ford was born on August 9, 1911, on a small farm in Allen. He was the youngest of seven children. Pete attended school in Allen through the tenth grade and McKinney High School for the eleventh grade. The Depression prevented Pete from receiving a higher education. Instead, he worked at an Allen service station, which he later purchased. During the war he built T-51 airplanes for a defense plant. As Allen grew, Pete helped the City acquire its water system. Pete and his wife, Glenda, always had a genuine interest in the youth of Allen and the schools. 

    Principals: William Rushing was the first principal, followed by Joe Champion, Melinda Brock, Dr. Karleen Noake, John Biera, Sandra McCoy-Jackson, Susan Horowitz, Matt Russell, and currently, Doug Wilhelm.